Best Superyacht Watertoys, Past and Present

There’s nothing quite like the sight of a superyacht at anchor, a giant waterslide arcing off its top deck and guests on jet skis racing around the yacht, tracing white-water circles with jetting rooster tails and bubbling wakes. Watertoys are a huge part of the superyacht experience, and they get more interesting with each passing year.

Watertoys Can Make or Break a Charter

Superyacht toys are a serious business. Watertoys are a powerful factor in charter bookings, with clients often ruling yachts in and out simply on the basis of their toy chest. For a yacht with limited storage space, it’s important to know what complement of toys prove the most popular with charterers, as well as how to expand the toy selection without sacrificing too much space. As for charter clients, finding out about the latest and best watertoys can transform a great yacht charter into a phenomenal one.

So here’s what you need to know- both about the most popular new watertoys and the perennially popular toys that never go out of style.

New-Generation Surfboards

Powered surfboards that skim or even fly over the water’s surface are the latest yachting craze. Providing high speeds, easy manoeuvrability and plenty of scope for tricks, one of the greatest advantages of these futuristic toys is that you can simply jump on and race away from the yacht, without waiting for a deckhand to get the tender or jetskis ready. There’s an enviable simplicity and freedom to using these toys – and better yet, they’re ultra-lightweight and don’t take up a lot of storage space.

Radinn G2X Electric Jetboard

Electric Surfboards just keep getting better, with the latest G2X Electric Jetboard from Radinn achieving adrenaline-pumping speeds of up to 36 miles per hour (58 km/hour). Dispensing entirely with the surfer’s reliance on wind and waves for thrills, this toy brings together the speed and agility of wakeboarding with the solo freedom of surfing. Depending on the model, you can test your surfing skills and carve rail-to-rail, or enjoy cruising in calm conditions and exploring the scenery – whether that’s on a France yacht charter or up the Florida Everglades.

With a silent motor and controlled via a handheld remote, models have ride times of up to 45 minutes, with easily swappable batteries to keep going for longer.

Lift eFoil

Possibly the most ‘James Bond’ of all toys currently on the market, the Lift eFoil uses hydrofoil technology and an electric motor to lift the surfboard up out of the water, suspending it above the surface on a wafer-thin mast and propelling it at speeds of up to 25 miles (40km) per hour.

Controlled by a handheld remote control and running for up to 90 minutes on one charge, the ride is silent, making it a very different feeling from being on a Jet Ski. Recommended for riders above 16 years of age, the eFoil is easy to learn, and you can also ride it lying down on the water’s surface.

The Lift e-Foil is where the sensations of surfing, flying, and snowboarding combine.

The Inflatables

Inflatable toys have long been part of the superyacht toy chest, with tender-pulled inflatables like the banana boat eliciting squeals from charter guests for years. However, the inflatable watertoy sector has really upped the ante in recent years, and given their inflatable nature, they are a great way to boost the on-board toy chest without taking up too much space.

Inflatable Waterslide

The waterslide is consistently one of the most-requested water toys by superyacht charterers. Providing hours of fun, parents can relax on deck while kids do endless happy circuits, screaming excitedly down the slide and then padding wet feet up to the top deck to do it all over again.

Inflatable Obstacle Courses

Moored off the back of the yacht like any kid’s fantasy, these inflatable yacht playgrounds aren’t just for children, with massive assault courses including climbing walls and giant trampoline cushions propelling guests high into the sky.

Inflatable Swimming Pools and Floating Docks

Inflatables are a great way of extending the yacht’s real estate on the water, with floating docks and swimming pools tethered to the back of the yacht. The swimming pool keeps out any pesky jellyfish or seaweed, while docks can be used as an extra swim and sunbathing platform as well as making it easy and safe to board the yacht’s tenders and toys.

There are also floating docks designed to neatly dock a range of toys such as Jet Skis, Seabobs, paddle boards and eFoils. The Fun Air Toy Island is the latest iteration of this trend, the difference being that your ‘toy island’ can be set up anywhere, so you can tether it to a beach or jetty to secure your toys while you play on the beach or sunbathe on your little island.


The personal submarine is the ultimate of all superyacht toys, but they are extremely rare in the superyacht charter fleet as they require considerable space to store.

However, this is no longer a barrier for charterers wanting to try out a personal submarine, as U-Boat Worx has launched a charter scheme for their subs. The yacht you’re chartering isn’t big enough to store a submarine? No matter. U-Boat Worx can dispatch their specialist sub-carrier support yacht, which will arrive at your charter yacht so you can enjoy the thrill of submarining. Subs can also be operated from shore. Models currently for charter are the Super Yacht Sub 3 and C-Explorer 3 submersible, and the sub-carrier support yacht is available to yachts in the Mediterranean.

The Essentials

There are certain yacht toys that have stood the test of time. The following toys are enduring favourites of the superyacht set and are found on most charter yachts.

Jetskis and Waverunners

Almost all charter yachts carry at least one personal watercraft (PWCs), whether Jet Skis or Waverunners. Providing thrills, spills, and a fun way to sightsee, these toys are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for young and old alike.

For those wondering what the difference between a Jet Ski and a Waverunner is, you’re not alone. Although ‘jet ski’ tends to be used generically and interchangeably, Jet Ski is actually a brand name by Kawasaki, while Waverunners are made by Yamaha. There are other PWCs on the market, including the Canadian-made Sea-Doo. While all manufacturers now make sit-down and stand-up versions and take from 1-3 passengers, there are still some differences, with Jet Skis known for being faster and more agile (better for tricks), while Waverunners tend to be better for cruising and have more storage.

Almost all cruising areas and charter contracts require that you have a PWC licence in order to drive jetskis or waverunners, and there are age restrictions. Many yachts will have a crewmember who can issue these licences.


These underwater scooters made a splash on the superyacht market over 10 years ago, and quickly become one of the superyacht ‘must-have-toys’. Compact in size, quiet, and incredibly easy to use, the Seabob pulls the swimmer either underwater or on the surface, at impressive speeds of between 14 and 22kms/hour. They can be used by snorkelers, swimmers, freedivers and even scuba divers, reaching depths of up to 40 metres. There are currently three models available, ranging in weight and performance, with the top of the line F5 SR model also offering two HD cameras to record the underwater scenery.

The superyacht toy market is exciting and fiercely competitive, with adventurous yacht owners always looking out for the latest futuristic toy to add to their watertoy chest. Yacht charterers are the beneficiaries of this constant search for the best superyacht watertoys.