There’s nothing quite like the sight of a superyacht at anchor, a giant waterslide arcing off its top deck and guests on jet skis racing around the yacht, tracing white-water circles with jetting rooster tails and bubbling wakes. Watertoys are a huge part of the superyacht experience, and they getContinue Reading

Etihad Airways offers

The lavish and rich lifestyle, with a perfect blend of modern technologies to provide ease and comfort, is one of the most wanted lifestyles. UAE being the hub of the traditional and rich cultural heritage with the unique and mysterious blend of technologies will always provide a reason for aContinue Reading

One of the best methods to learn about Japanese culture is to join a homestay programme and stay with a Japanese family for a period of time. Whether you’re in Japan for a short trip, a semester abroad, or a whole year to recharge your batteries, a homestay is anContinue Reading