A Day in the Desert: What experience you will get from Dubai Safari Tour

Welcome to my blog post about the Dubai Safari Tour and the unique experience it offers in the desert. Dubai is a famous city for being rich and fancy, but it also has fun stuff to do in the desert. The Dubai Safari Tour is a trip through the Arabian Desert to see different animals and learn about the local Bedouin culture. 

From camel riding to falconry displays, this tour offers many activities to satisfy your adventurous spirit. Join me as I share my experience of spending a day in the desert and discovering the hidden gems of Dubai’s wildlife.

Detail of the Arabian safari tour:

The Dubai Safari Tour is thrilling and takes you through the Arabian Desert. It is a unique experience that allows you to witness beautiful wildlife and experience the local Bedouin culture. At the start of the tour, they’ll come to get you from your hotel and drive you through the pretty desert. You will have a knowledgeable guide throughout the tour, providing interesting facts and information about the local flora and fauna.

Discovering the Arabian Desert:

The Arabian Desert is a huge land area covering a big part of the Arabian Peninsula. It is a beautiful and unique ecosystem that is home to a variety of plants and animals. On the Dubai Safari Tour, you will explore this beautiful desert and observe the animals in their natural habitat. The tour takes you through the dunes and valleys, where you can see the rugged terrain up close and witness stunning sunsets.

Wildlife Encounter: Animals you will see on tour:

The Dubai Safari Tour is an opportunity to witness a diverse range of animals native to the Arabian Desert. You will have the chance to see animals such as the Arabian Oryx, Gazelle, Camels, and Falcons. The tour lets you see the animals up close and learn about how they live and survive in the tough desert.

Bedouin Culture: Understanding the local way of Life:

Bedouin culture is important to the desert, and you can see it for yourself on the Dubai Safari Tour. The Bedouins are a tribe that moves around a lot and has lived in the desert for a long time. Their culture and traditions are connected to the desert. You will learn about their way of life, customs, and hospitality, including welcoming guests with traditional Arabic coffee and dates.

Camel Riding: A traditional desert experience:

Camel riding is a traditional desert experience that has been a part of the Bedouin culture for centuries. On the Dubai Safari Tour, you can ride a camel and experience the traditional way of traveling through the desert. Riding a camel is special because you can see the desert differently and understand how important camels are to the Bedouin culture.

Falconry Display: Witnessing the majestic birds in action:

Falconry is a really old practice that people in the Middle East have been doing for thousands of years. The Dubai Safari Tour lets you witness a falconry display, where you can see the majestic birds in action. You will get an opportunity to learn about the complete history of falconry, the different birds, and how they train all these birds. It’s really cool to see how the falconer and their bird are so close.

Seeing Animals in their Natural Home: Wildlife Drive

The wildlife drive is a part of the Dubai Safari Tour, where you observe the animals in their natural habitat. During the tour, you’ll go through a wildlife park and see the animals wandering around freely. Seeing the animals up close is cool; you can learn how they act.

Entertainment: Enjoying traditional dance and music performances:

The Dubai Safari Tour also includes traditional dance and music performances, which provide entertainment and insight into the local culture. You will have the chance to see traditional dances such as Tanoura, where performers spin in colorful skirts, and belly dancing, which has been a part of Middle Eastern culture for centuries. 

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Culinary Delights: Savoring the flavors of Bedouin cuisine:

Food is an important part of Bedouin culture, and the Dubai Safari Tour provides an opportunity to savor the flavors of traditional Bedouin cuisine. You will be treated to a traditional meal with grilled meat, hummus, tabbouleh, and other local delicacies. The food is cooked using traditional methods, and the spices and flavors are unique to the region.