Tips To Choose Pet-friendly Accommodation in Florida For Pet-tastic Adventure

A Florida vacation with your furry pet promises endless fun, but planning a pet-friendly getaway involves more than just booking a beachside room. Choosing the right pet-friendly vacation home is crucial. It ensures you and your four-legged furry companion will have a comfortable and pleasing staycation. Here are some tips to choose the ideal accommodation for your pet-tastic Florida adventure.

Know Your Furry Companion:

Assess your paw crew for an idea of the kind of vacation home you will need to rent. For example, a boisterous lab requires a fenced yard, while a mellow cat is content with a cozy balcony. Consider their size, activity level, and any special needs. Remember, some breeds are not allowed in certain areas, so do your research!

Home Away from Home:

Consider your pet’s needs and travel preferences while selecting the type of property. Dive into the details of the vacation home on the Emerald Coast By Owner platform. It is a rental listing platform dedicated to the Emerald Coast region. Vacation rentals in Florida, such as beach houses or cabins, provide more space and a home-like environment, which can benefit your pets. 

Location, Location, Location:

Before choosing accommodation, it is essential to research pet-friendly location within Florida. 

  • Consider Gulf Coast havens like Siesta Key or Anna Maria Island for beachside frolicking.  
  • Explore the lush trails around Orlando or the Florida Keys.
  • Cities like St. Augustine, Naples, and Key West welcome pets. 

Remember, proximity to dog parks, pet-friendly restaurants, and vet clinics adds convenience.

Pet policies

Different properties may have varying rules regarding pet size, breed restrictions, and the number of pets allowed. Review the property’s pet policy thoroughly to ensure that it aligns with your pet’s characteristics and needs. 

Additionally, inquire about any associated fees or deposits related to bringing pets to the accommodation. Some rentals might require proof of vaccination or flea and tick preventative measures.

Check Amenities for Pets: 

Assess the amenities offered specifically for pets at the vacation home. Look for properties that provide pet-friendly features such as fenced yards, pet beds, feeding bowls, and easy access to outdoor spaces. 

Some accommodations may go the extra mile by offering pet-sitting services, grooming facilities, or nearby walking trails. Evaluate these amenities to ensure that your pet’s needs are met, contributing to a stress-free and enjoyable stay.

Read Reviews and Recommendations: 

Please use online platforms and review websites to gain insights from previous guests who have travelled with their pets. 

  • Reading reviews can provide valuable information about the pet-friendliness of a property, the surrounding area, and any potential challenges or advantages.
  • You can even request recommendations from fellow pet owners, friends, or online communities to find accommodations they have already experienced. 

Check for Nearby Pet-Friendly Activities:

Beyond the accommodation, explore the availability of nearby pet-friendly activities and attractions. Florida boasts numerous parks, beaches, and trails where pets are welcome. 

  • Let your dog frolic in the sugar-soft quartz sand at Siesta Key Beach. You can relax in the calm, shallow waters while your pup splashes. Remember to bring waste bags and keep your dog leashed.
  • At Juniper Springs Recreation Area, take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear spring with your pup (leashed). Explore nature trails and boardwalks amidst cypress swamps and hardwood hammocks.
  • At John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, go on an underwater adventure with your pet by joining a glass-bottom boat tour.
  • Enjoy a stroll along the Naples Pier with your dog on a leash.
  • Busch Gardens Tampa Bay theme park welcomes well-behaved dogs in its leash-free Stanley Steamer Dog Park, offering playtime and splash pools for your furry friend.

Verify Local Regulations:

Familiarize yourself with local regulations and ordinances related to pets in the chosen destination. 

  • Some areas enforce leash laws on public beaches to maintain safety and cleanliness. This helps prevent potential conflicts between pets, ensures the safety of other beach visitors, and protects the local wildlife.
  • Owners are also responsible for promptly cleaning up after their animals. This helps keep the beaches pristine and minimizes any inconvenience to other visitors.
  • Some beaches designate specific areas or times when dogs are allowed on the beach to accommodate pet owners further. This allows pet owners to enjoy the beach experience with their furry companions while respecting the needs and preferences of other beach users.

Non-compliance with leash laws and cleanliness regulations may result in fines and possible restrictions on bringing your pet to certain areas. So, adhere to local regulations to ensure a harmonious experience and prevent unexpected issues during your stay.

Safety First:

Don’t let beach bliss turn into a health scare. 

  • Ensure the rental home’s pest control is up-to-date, especially in mosquito-prone areas. 
  • Pack preventative medications and a first-aid kit for your pet. 
  • Please familiarize yourself with nearby emergency vet clinics and their contact information.

Communicate with the Property Owner/Manager:

Establish clear communication with the property owner before booking a vacation home. 

  • If you have some concerns or questions regarding the accommodation and its pet-friendly features discuss with the owners directly. 
  • Ensure to confirm the pet policy details, including any additional charges, cleaning protocols, and expectations for responsible pet ownership. 

A transparent and open line of communication is crucial for a positive staying experience.

Plan for Pet-Friendly Transportation:

Consider the logistics of traveling to and from your chosen vacation home with your pet. 

  • If you’re flying, check the pet policies of airlines and airports, ensuring a smooth journey for your furry companion. 
  • If driving, plan for rest stops and pet-friendly accommodations along the route. 

A well-thought-out transportation plan contributes to a stress-free travel experience for you and your pet.

Pack Essentials for Your Pet:

Ensure you pack all the essentials your pet needs for a comfortable stay. This includes their favorite toys, food and water bowls, grooming supplies, and medications. 

Familiar items from home can provide comfort for your pet in a new environment. Moreover, bring identification tags with updated contact information if your pet gets lost in an unfamiliar location.


Follow these tips to create an unforgettable Florida vacation with your furry friend. Remember, choosing the right pet-friendly home is like picking the perfect sunscreen or clothes – it sets the stage to create paw-soaked memories and tail-wagging adventures. So, grab your leash, pack your bags, and get ready to have fun with your pet in Florida!

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